Excerpt from Chapter 8: “Beginner’s Heartmind”

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BOUNDLESS INTIMACY: The Eye And Treasury Of Core-Self
by Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.

Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “Beginner’s Heartmind”:

“To remain curiously attentive to this only moment of unbounded timelessness with beginner’s heartmind is to gratefully embody wonder and awe in the simplicity and ordinariness of linear time. To embody the wonder and awe of beginner’s heartmind while entangling with the birthless stillness of core-Self is to somatically comprehend that core-Self is exactly this only moment of timelessness that flashes everywhere without coming or going. As each timeless and unbounded moment of core-Self is happening everywhere without coming or going, our beginner’s heartmind cherishes core-Self as the still essence and vast Oneness of total reality.

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