Excerpt from Prologue – “ZAZEN-ONLY”


BOUNDLESS INTIMACY: The Eye And Treasury Of Core-Self by Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.

Excerpt from Prologue – “ZAZEN-ONLY”:

There is a timeless, wondrous, and exquisite Way to live in boundless intimacy, vast Oneness, limitless interdependency, and immeasurable gratitude. It is the ever fresh Way of just sitting as core-Self inside of “zazen-only.” Zazen is pronounced “zaahzen” with equal emphasis on each syllable. “Za” is viscerally sitting within the still vibrancy of core-Self inside of just sitting. “Zen” is living from your core-Self that silently illuminates the surface and depth of total reality. To viscerally embody the still vibrancy of core-Self inside of zazen-only is to brilliantly arrive in boundless intimacy and ungraspable enlightenment beyond attaining, gaining, owning, and knowing.

When I use the term “only,” as in zazen-only, I mean to say that the embodiment of zazen is peerless and beyond comparison. Zazen-only is peerless because it is not a mentally designed method, belief, or technique for gaining, grasping, or attaining anything. Zazen-only is the wholehearted Way of living as a radical human being from our visceral core-Self. Zazen-only is the ancient practice of embodying the true nature of total reality, living in sacred entanglement with life and death, and joyfully abiding in boundless intimacy with all beings and things. When we just sit as core-Self inside of zazen-only, we viscerally realize our total completion and fulfillment as a radical human being with not one thing lacking.

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